Another holiday is ahead of us. Great shopping opportunity. Living in the illusion of cheap loans, non-bank loans, many Poles want to experience the holidays for money that is not there.

But holidays are to be sumptuous. Put yourself and pledge.
It’s nothing expensive, the most important low installments. And that you will pay back for many months, maybe until the next holidays, or maybe even longer?

Today it doesn’t matter

Today it doesn

You will start to wonder after the holidays, on the way to the trash, taking out some of the uneaten dishes. I spend the second week outside Piotrkow Tryb., I conduct entrepreneurship training in Lubin. On Sunday I went to church. It is located very close, I think no further than about 300 m from the gallery Cuprum Arena. I remember in my childhood, while still living in Biała Rawska, that years ago people after Masses went to local Geesian restaurants to meet, drink a hundred vodka and go home for dinner.

Today, straight from the church, along a straight path, crowds of people follow the gallery. Life flourishes there. Instead of home-made broth, a hamburger or something from Mc Donald’s. Or food by weight – 3.49 per 100g. Run as much as you want, then weigh it. I sat at a table and watched the buyers. Oh, they have a nice appetite here. Food portions for 30-40 PLN. And when the marriage came, they even paid 70 USD.
And then shopping.

To Saturn, because the loan at zero percent


A new 50 inch TV for the holidays will be useful. Or a play station game, because how to celebrate is to celebrate. At a richly set table, at the buzzing TV or some computer shooting.
One of my clients called me today.

Rather, she was a client. Because he doesn’t come to me anymore. Because I once told her to give up loans and advances. She already had a fairly normalized situation, but it is difficult to change his mentality in man. The poor will always be poor. And she indebted herself again so that she probably has loans from many companies.

I warned you, please do not take, it is better to stand against the wall, eat less, and start getting out of debt. I wanted to help her. But people with a poor mentality don’t allow it. Like a frog in boiling water, they prefer to cook rather than ask for advice. And sticking to yourself is costly. And today she called me to help her because she doesn’t know what to do. No longer able to take out a loan, she sent her granddaughter for it. Grandson, about 20 years old, is already learning the wrong approach to money.

Loan from 30000 - car loan

November 20, 2019