Car tires are an essential part of this vehicle. They take care of our comfort as well as road safety. Theoretically, we could use one set of car tires until the tires burst or have another defect that would prevent us from continuing to drive. However, the harsh reality is quite different.

All tires have grooves that serve as a safety function

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Tire grooves provide traction and prevent loss of control in all weather conditions. The main problem is the wear of these grooves. Worn grooves no longer perform as well as new, so tires need to be replaced after some time. Tire change is twofold – changeover to seasonal tires and general tire change.

The transition to seasonal tires is a change from winter to summer tires. Each of these tires has its own characteristics that make it suitable for summer or winter driving. This may be the rubber pulp, the shape of the tire grooves, the presence of treads or the presence of studs. Winter tires wear out in about two years, so they need to be replaced a little more often than summer tires, but these costs justify themselves because the rider can feel safe and avoid accidents.

General tire replacement is the purchase and installation of new summer or winter tires. All tires are manufactured to fulfill all their functions within their guaranteed life span. Despite this claim, they start losing their quality much sooner, and the best way to find out if you need to replace your tires is to find out for yourself.

This can be done by several methods

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If the tire grooves are more than 1.6 millimeters worn, they may already be considered unsafe . Various tires manufactured in the world have special groove markings. These are extra rubber bumps between the tire grooves. If the grooves are worn to the markings and flush with them, then the tires must be replaced. A popular method for detecting tire wear in the United States is the penny test.

This small coin is pressed between the grooves and a “readout” is made on the face of the coin. If the tire grooves have reached a certain level, they need to be replaced. It goes without saying that not everyone has the opportunity to use the US penny. The depth of the tire grooves can also be measured with a special measuring device, which is sold at very low prices at almost all auto parts stores or filling stations.

When testing the tires, try to observe the tire wear area

If the tire is worn unevenly, this indicates an inaccurate wheel level. Such a car should be taken to a service center immediately to correct the problem. It is recommended that you regularly replace them in pairs to ensure that all four tires wear out evenly. After some time, the front tires should be replaced with the rear tires and vice versa.

Be sure to check the tire sidewalls for air bubbles or large protrusions. This is a sign of a defective tire wheel and such damage is usually caused by accidental entry into a hole, roughness, or low tire pressure. Such tires need to be replaced immediately as there is a huge risk that they could burst, creating dangerous situations.

If there is no certainty about the life span of tires, then it is about six years. However, this depends on the driving style, climate and road surface. In warmer climates, tires can wear out for weeks at high speeds and various fast maneuvers.

The key is to have regular tire inspections to identify any problem or need for new tires in a timely manner. This is a very responsible job, as it protects both your own safety and that of other road users.

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November 20, 2019