10 retro switch games every gamer should own

It’s been said a dozen times, but the Nintendo Switch is probably a retro gamer’s dream console. In addition to access to a library of NES and SNES titles, the eShop has provided fans of vintage classics with a plethora of games at the touch of a button.

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There are dozens of titles that fit into dozens of genres, from legends of the golden age of gaming to mainstays of the arcade age, but some are just plain more classic than others. It’s games like these that really define the early days of the industry, and one that no respectable Switch owner should be without.


Final fantasy vii

Final Fantasy VII Temple of the Ancients

It’s not a perfect game by far, but to say that Square’s iconic seventh entry in their landmark series wasn’t groundbreaking would be a lie. It might not be the glamorous version seen on PS4, but Final fantasy might not be what she is today if it weren’t for the adventures of Cloud Strife and company.

The game introduced 3D character models, larger worlds, and a more complex and emotional storytelling to the series. While players can get past the somewhat dated controls and turn-based combat, there is still one truly inspiring title waiting for new fans to experience it.


Every Bethesda Xbox Game Pass game, ranked from worst to best DOOM 1993

Unlike the previously mentioned title, the original Loss is a game that ages more gracefully than the others. The graphics are indeed a product of their time, but that doesn’t mean the gameplay isn’t as fun as it was in the 90s anymore. It might be a bit pixelated, but it stays. still a lot of blood in this title.

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Loss was one of the most graphic and shocking games of the era, but it also helped lay the foundation for the modern FPS genre. Whether killers are new to shooting games or just want a piece of the game’s history, there are few more satisfying experiences than blowing up a horde of demons.

Namco Museum

Namco Museum on Nintendo Switch

There are plenty of compilation titles out there with tons of wonderful retro titles out there, but if a gamer is looking for a decent starting point, Namco Museum is the way forward. Think of this collection as the retro gaming starter pack. It has the basics like Pac-Man, Galaga, and Dig dug, but it also has some outliers in the mix.

games like Galaga 88, Tank Force, and the infamous Splash are just a few overlooked gems that deserve more time and attention. It’s never a bad idea to stay classic, after all.

Secret Of Mana (Mana Collection)

The three heroes visit the Moogles in Secret of Mana

Things start to get a bit tricky when the mana the series is discussed. While the latest games have certainly found a niche fan, the rest of the series is often hit or miss. However, if there is one title in the compilation that players need to check out, it is the overlooked title. Secret of Mana.

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This game is like a glorious combination of Final fantasy and THE legend of Zelda, and while the combat is a bit awkward, the multiplayer and gorgeous designs of this 16-bit dream is absolutely amazing.

Final Fight (Capcom Beat-Em-Up Bundle)

Two players fight in Final Fight

The Switch is fertile ground for great beat-em-up games, but if gamers really want to get their hands on the best of the genre, they don’t need to look any further than Capcom. Beat-Em-Up Pack. The collection has several great titles to choose from, but the highlight for fans of retro is Final fight.

Final fight was a ’90s arcade classic, bringing crispier action, bigger and bolder sprite characters, and screens full of enemies that players can hit. While other entries of the genre would have different flavors to offer, this game has set the bar very high.

Dragon Quest Trilogy

Dragon Quest Trilogy Switch Review

These might be ports of their mobile versions, but true RPG fans won’t miss the opportunity to pick up these classics. The Dragon Quest games are mainstays of the genre, and they offer both a classic experience and a healthy portion of the game’s story.

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While many may want to wait for the 2D-HD remake of the third entry before they really dive into the series, Switch ports are currently the best way to play all three of the original games on consoles. The first two entries can have a bit of a learning curve, but nothing that JRPG junkies can’t handle.

Super Metroid (Nintendo online)

Samus prepares to fight Kraid in Super Metroid

Nintendo’s online service has a slew of retro games from their NES and SNES games, but it wouldn’t be fair not to include at least one honorable mention. There are dozens of classics from Nintendo’s Golden Age, but the place has to go to Super Metroid from the SNES collection.

Considered by many to be one of the greatest games in Nintendo’s catalog, Samus’ journey to the planet Zebes is one of the most awe-inspiring achievements of the SNES. It’s a dark and gripping platformer that helped shape the Metroidvania genre, and showed just how deep video games can be.

Street Fighter II (Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection)

Ryu vs. Ken in the original Street Fighter II

There aren’t many traditional fighting games in the eShop that fall into the retro category, but the heart of the genre has to be Capcom’s. street fighter series. With the Anniversary Collection, players get a time capsule of the best of the original series. However, the real gems of the collection are Street Fighter II and its fallout.

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Street Fighter II This was when the series really started to take shape and its spinoff added new additions, characters, moves, and more, making it the almost ideal tournament fighter experience. Of the five basic games and the various spinoffs that carry the street fighter title, these are the way to go for vintage gamers.

Diablo II

Although this is technically a remaster, it does give the option to play the iconic dungeon crawler as it did in 2000. The Diablo games are legendary in the RPG world, and the series and games it inspired probably wouldn’t be the same if it weren’t for the second entry.

This game has defined the dark fantasy subgenre in the video game world as players guide their character through the dark recesses of Sanctuary, taking down demons, the living dead, and Prime Evil himself. The Switch Edition not only polishes the game, but puts it in the hands of more players as well.

Sega Genesis Collection

SEGA Genesis Classics

The reason the entire collection is included in its entirety is mainly due to Nintendo Online’s expansion pack which only includes a modest handful of Sega titles with the upgrade. With the exception of a few, almost every game in the Sega pack and more can already be enjoyed in one compilation.

Since man cannot live Sonic the hedgehog alone, the collection also throws in mastodon titles like the Streets of rage series, Vector man, and dozens of other ’90s gems in one package. The collection simply offers more for a player’s money.

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