Monthly Archives: July 2020

Application of digital printing tempered glass

The digital ceramic printer is the most advanced and versatile glass printing machine. It’s perfect for automotive, marine, interior design and exterior architectural glass, artwork, and home appliances. Unique image processing software and digital ceramic inks allow our high-tech printer to go far beyond limits. It is different from UV …

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There is no reason not to use a screen protector

Photo: Alex Cranz / Gizmodo I used to laugh at my neurotic friends who used screen protectors. You probably know the type of person I’m talking about. That person will refuse to unbox a new phone, tablet, or even laptop without first purchasing a case and an avalanche of other …

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JerryRigEverything OnePlus Nord Creator Case, 3D Tempered Glass, Other Case Prices Revealed in India

OnePlus has also launched several accessories alongside the OnePlus Nord smartphone. This includes unique OnePlus Nord designer cases made by Zack Nelson of JerryRgEverything, graphic designer Barb Finsta and painter Camilla Engström. At the launch event, OnePlus did not disclose the Indian price for these cases, but they are now …

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