Battlefield 2042’s Deployment Screen Concept Solves Just About All Current Issues

One of the many inexplicable shortcomings of Battlefield 2042 has to do with the game’s user interface and HUD. While DICE brought back some missing features in recent patches, many of these are objectively worse in the new game compared to previous titles.

Real-world example: The Battlefield 2042 deployment screen. This new iteration of this classic screen lacks clarity, requires too many clicks to make simple adjustments, and lacks some expected quality of life features.

For example, the clutter of icons makes it difficult to see where your teammates are, and it doesn’t show you their first-person view so you can judge if it’s safe to appear on them. The loading section at the bottom is too big, relying on a mobile-style tiled menu that isn’t able to list all of the options on one screen.

Beyond that, each faction’s spawn vehicle selection menu is a large list that includes all available vehicles, with no limitations on each individual vehicle type. These issues are responsible for so much frustration for players every time they see this screen during respawn, especially since many of them weren’t present in previous titles.

To provide inspiration to Reddit user DICE Marshen came up with a mockup that not only looks significantly better, but addresses any gamer concerns about the current model. They even explain the purpose behind each change and how many clicks it saves players compared to the current iteration.

As you can see in the screenshot above, this is a much nicer layout that would perform much better than the current Battlefield 2042 deploy screen. Hopefully DICE can borrow from this one. because it improves the game.

Speaking of which, a new report could explain why Battlefield 2042’s design mess is the way it is. We’re expecting a new small patch this week, which will be the last in the game this year.

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