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There are two types of mobile gamers, those who deposit wads of cash on their device and those who don’t. Regardless of your path or why you are in this path, it is important for me to disclose my vibe before entering this exam. Don’t hate it, but I am one, whoever dies with the most toys in the end wins, type of guy. Suffice to say, even if I have to sell a kidney race to the front door of the NAG office and get the high-end device, I definitely will, so when the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 arrived on the same day as a budget phone, Regardt got the budget unit because, well, toys… [It’s not the speed of your processor that matters, it’s how hard you can beat down the other player in a round of or two. I challenge you to a duel, sir! – ed]

The Fold3 is the type of phone that will impress most people, down to the last detail. The fact that this is a stunning foldable device, capable of running a refresh rate of 120Hz at 2268 x 832, is an obvious problem, but what fascinates me is the digitizer and the way which Samsung has managed to produce a product that accurately recognizes the S Pen on a foldable. You see, a stylus needs a digitizer that sits under the LCD screen to recognize exactly where the stylus is touching the screen, where it is heading, and even how hard you press.

However, a digitizer is a fragile grid that is afraid of being bent, especially multiple folds. This third generation of the Z Fold doesn’t have a foldable digitizer, it has separate digitizers under each screen that connect to a smartboard performing complex coding that follows a stylus from edge to edge. Even when the S Pen bridges the tiny gap between the two screens. This ingenious solution took years of development with Wacom and works flawlessly in all of my daily activities, doodles, Pierneef paintings, and games.

The S Pen Fold Edition and S Pen Pro are the only stylus options that work on the Fold3 and have been redesigned with a soft tip and are spring loaded to prevent damage to the screen. Only the S Pen Pro has Bluetooth, so if you’re using gesture control, the Pro is the one you want on your Santa list. For anyone upgrading to the Z Fold3, you’ll also want to purchase the cover that includes a stand, as it doesn’t have a slot for the S Pen.

The Galaxy Z Fold3 has a 5 nanometer 64-bit Octa-Core processor, Adreno 660 GPU, 12 GB of RAM, running Android 11 and feels super smooth.

After charging the Galaxy to 100%, I unplugged the power cable and checked that all apps were closed, before running a series of tests using 3DMark Wild Life. For your benefit, we run all of our cell phone benchmarks in this exact way.

Scores were 5654 on Standard and 1489 on Extreme. Ultimately, the scores are excellent and comfortably cement this unit in the premium segment.

The 3DMark stress test dropped the battery from 100% to 88% and showed 60% stability in the result. The temperature peaked at 35 degrees Celsius while the ambient temperature in my office was 21 degrees C. The frame rate peaked at 12 fps and dropped to 4 fps during the duration of the stress test.

The Galaxy Z Fold 3 ran games, ranging from Minion Rush, Mario Run, Asphalt 9, COD Mobile, and PUBG Mobile smoothly and without a single glitch (oh, and Sodoku, because I have the S Pen intelligent people indeed run faster).

The graphics on PUBG Mobile and COD Mobile are not as crisp as I have experienced on other high end devices. I’m not saying the graphics were terrible, but as a gamer I always go for better graphics no matter how small the increments are, and I never want to miss a peek or a barrel due to graphic drawbacks. Clutch snapshot = win, right?

That’s the conundrum, the size of the screen, the way it fits perfectly in the hand, the layout of the buttons and their broadcast on PUBGM, CODM, what the heck, is superb and an advantage in my eyes. So I had a better gaming experience on this phone than on a “Ordinary“cell phone. It doesn’t feel like all graphics are immersed in a handheld, no matter how good the graphics are on a smaller screen. Never once have I accidentally crouched down, when I needed this PK, however, I have done this several times on other devices. True story. # n00bme.

Multitasking on this phone, as a direct result of the massive 7.6-inch screen that hits your eyeballs when folded, is a thing of beauty, I have to warn you though, you’ll change your mind on this. baby until well after your honeymoon period, it is an incredibly rewarding experience. And then there’s the opening, just enough for it to close again, like clicking a pen or popping bubble wrap. You will love it, unless you have #misophony.

Let’s talk a bit about the outdoor screen. Yes, there is a third screen!

This is a 6.2 inch, HD +, Dynamic AMOLED 2X display that works up to 120Hz, yes indeed. This means the screen is great for games and everything you would normally do on a “Ordinary“phone, or is it? Well, we did all the same bench tests on the outdoor display and unsurprisingly the scores are tied. That said, the display looked sharper in the Intense graphics games, however, due to the aspect ratio of this screen, I felt a bit cramped, so in my opinion this won’t be the go-to screen for having a quick chicken dinner. Everything else, perfecto and gets a double boost.

I spent hours on my PC with the Galaxy Z Fold3, half open next to my keyboard, like a laptop, streaming content, and when AFK I didn’t feel at odds with the Fold3 because it offers such a smooth transition from my desktop PC. Especially nice when you connect a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse to the device, but note that if you want to play with your connected device not all games support it, and if you find a workaround to play one. game against people using their thumbs on the screen, shame on you!

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3 5G


I’m super happy to run faster than Regardt, I love this phone!


Pen S

Breathtaking sound

7.6 “AMOLED display

THREE 120 Hz screens

Multitasking is so easy

IPX8 water resistant

Ingenious technology under the LCD screen


you have to get used to

Not dust resistant

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