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After its successful launch towards the end of 2021, the award-winning indie puzzle game Unpacking was recently ported to PS4 and PS5 on May 10, 2022. Although the game focuses on a female protagonist as she goes through different stages of her life, the player does not control her. Instead, the player lives their story by unpacking and placing their belongings each time they move.

In the same way as the game Unpackingthere are games where the player is a separate entity that only guides the protagonist through the game. In titles like Super Monkey Ball, the protagonist moves on his own and the player can only try to direct him to the correct path.


Wonder Project J

Tinker fairy showing robot boy Pino a chicken in Wonder Project J.

While most life simulation games have in-game characters that the player doesn’t fully control, these virtual “lifeforms” usually won’t even try to do anything without the player giving them orders first. In the 1994 Super Famicom game Wonder Project J, however, the protagonist will do the weirdest things if the player isn’t careful. Created by Almanic Corporation, which also developed EVO: In Search of Edenthe game asks players to raise a robot boy named Pino.

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After Pino’s creator is arrested by the robot-hating government, the player, as the fairy Tinker, must raise the young robot instead and help reduce discrimination against robots in the process. When Pino interacts with the environment, he will make his own choices, and Tinker must encourage or reprimand these actions. Although a Japanese-only game, it was one of the best-selling Super Famicom titles, and it had a 1996 Nintendo 64 sequel titled Marvelous Project J2.

htoL#NiQ: The Fireflies Diary

A green light character mentioned in Hotaru no Nikki

Before Nippon Ichi Software made other storybook-inspired games like Yomawari: Night alone, A rose in the twilight, and The lying princess and the blind prince, they created the 2014 PS Vita puzzle adventure game htoL#NiQ: The Fireflies Diary. Set in the year 9999, the game centers on a young amnesiac girl named Mion who wakes up deep in dark and desolate ruins.

Because they want to help Mion escape the ruins and see the outside world, two fireflies named Lumen and Umbra must help Mion navigate the perilous world. As the firefly Lumen, the player guides Mion and directs her to certain interactive objects. Meanwhile, Umbra lives in the shadows, and the player’s actions in the shadows affect the real world.

Experiment 112

A screenshot from the game EXPerience 112

Same for games like PS2 game 2003 On the operator side, known as safety rope in North America, and the game 2022 Feeding_log_01172013, the obscure adventure game of 2007 Experiment 112 doesn’t have the best gameplay, but it has an extremely unique concept that’s well worth trying. The game begins with Lea Nichols, who is the sole survivor of a search party, waking up on an abandoned boat.

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Instead of controlling Lea, the player is behind the facility’s security cameras. Although Lea doesn’t trust the player, she decides to work with the player in order to survive and find out what happened. As Lea moves around on her own, the player can use cameras, open doors, control robots, read emails and more to solve puzzles.

Samorost Series

A screenshot of the third game in the Samorost series

Developed by Amanita Design, who recently created the horror puzzle title Good game, Samorost is a trilogy of surreal point-and-click puzzle adventure games that originally started as a series of Flash games. Each of the games follows a humanoid creature known as “Gnome” as they embark on several adventures across the galaxy.

Instead of controlling or talking with Gnome, the player helps Gnome on his travels by clicking on items in the environment. Since there is no dialogue or inventory, the gameplay is simply about progressing through each of the crafted and bizarre environments by clicking on various things in the correct order.


A screenshot of the PS3 version of the game Echochrome

Inspired by the impossible figures of Oscar Reutersvärd and the works of MC Escher, echochrome is a 2008 monochromatic puzzle game that uses the object location environment coordinate system, which is a coordinate system where 3D environments are determined by camera position. For example, if the camera is moved so that a pit in a road is no longer visible, the pit no longer exists.

Viewing the 3D structures from different angles, the player guides the profane figure moving independently to each of the level’s objectives, which are represented by shaded “echoes”. The success of the title led to a direct sequel called Echochrome II and a spin-off called Echoshift.

loop hero

A new twisty map is randomly generated in Loop Hero

One of the many unique games released by Devolver Digital and one of the best RPGs released in 2021 is the deck-building roguelike Hero loop. After the evil Lich destroys reality and forces everyone into a timeless loop, the titular hero awakens in a small camp on a randomly generated circular path and embarks on a journey to defeat the Lich.

Since the hero moves and fights on his own in a loop, the player influences things indirectly by giving the hero specific items to help him in battles and placing landscape cards around the path to slowly rebuild the world . Each landscape map gives various positives and negatives. Eventually, it is revealed that there is more going on in the plot than initially appears.


A promotional photo for the game LocoRoco

Developed by Japan Studio, which also worked on The legend of the dragon and the Monkey Escape series, LocoRoco is a 2006 PSP puzzle platformer whose success led to two sequels, a spin-off and a mobile version. The games center on a species of colorful blob-like creatures called LocoRoco who live on a vibrant and peaceful planet.

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After the arrival of a group of evil aliens called the Moja Troop who attempt to take over, the planet itself awakens to help the LocoRoco defend themselves and their home world. As a planet, the player moves the world in different directions in order to guide the LocoRoco through the various puzzles.


A screenshot of the remastered version of the Patapon game

Another beloved franchise from Japan Studio is the award-winning rhythm strategy series patapo, which started with the original 2007 PSP title and led to two sequels. The titular “Patapons” are a tribe of anthropomorphic eyeballs who travel across the lands in order to reach Earthend and gaze upon “IT”. To help them on their journey, the player, considered an invisible deity by the Patapons, gives them orders using drumbeats.

Before each mission, the player selects the combat units that will be used, and each of these units has different skills. During the missions, the Patapons must fight various enemies such as giant beasts and the enemy tribe Zigotons, and their actions are determined by the specific drumbeats which correspond to commands such as “attack” and “defend”. If the player keeps up the pace, the Patapons will go into a “fever”, giving them buffs.

Kirby: Curse of the Web

One of the main promotional images for Kirby: Canvas Curse

Released in 2005 for the DS, Kirby: Curse of the Web, known as Kirby: Power Paintbrush in Europe, is a platformer and spin-off title from the biggest Kirby franchise. Next to Kirby’s Epic Yarn, Kirby: Curse of the Web is one of the top rated Kirby titles on Metacritic, and it has a 2015 Wii U sequel titled Kirby and the Rainbow Curse. unlike others Kirby games, players cannot directly control Kirby in this area. Instead, the player uses the stylus to draw rainbow roads for Kirby to ride on.

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After the evil witch Drawcia entered Dream Land from a portal in the sky, she turned Dream Land into a painting world and cursed Kirby into having no limbs. As Drawcia’s rogue paintbrush, the player guides Kirby through the levels in order to defeat Drawcia and restore Dream Land to its proper state.

Super monkey ball

Aiai race in Super Monkey Ball

Originally starting out as an arcade game called monkey ball, the platform franchise Super monkey ball is a popular and ongoing series since GameCube’s titular hit in 2001. With the latest title, Super Monkey Ball Banana ManiaComing to release in late 2021, the series is shown to be still going strong with an active fan base.

Although the exact list varies from game to game, the game generally centers around a group of cartoon monkeys who are in gachapon balls. Unlike Atari’s popular arcade game The madness of marble, the player does not control the characters. Instead, they move the cards themselves in order to guide them to the end of each level.

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Zelda and Uncharted climbing scenes.

Uncharted 4 almost had one of BOTW’s most controversial features

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Taha Shah Badussha to Make South Screen Debut With ‘Kabzaa’ Mon, 06 Jun 2022 08:37:15 +0000

Bombay, June 6 (SocialNews.XYZ) Bollywood actor Taha Shah Badussha is set to make his southern cinema debut with director R. Chandru’s period film “Kabzaa” which will be made in seven languages ​​- Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Hindi, Odiya and marathi.

Taha joined the cast of the film which includes Upendra, Kichcha Sudeep, Chandru, Kabir Singh, Prakash Rai, Kota Srinavasa Rao, Subba Raju, Samuthirakani and John Kokken.

The actor who had been part of Ekta Kapoor’s psycho thriller ‘Bekaboo 2’, ‘Aisa Waisa Pyar’ starring Adah Sharma and his music video ‘Aaj Sajeya’ alongside Alaya F which has over 75 million views. Taha was last seen dancing to the romantic Punjabi dance number “Ekk Vari” with actress Daisy Shah.

He says, “I’m thrilled to be a part of director R Chandru’s exemplary vision and storytelling and can’t wait for my family and audience to watch it on the big screen.”

“R Chandru is one of the best directors I have worked with and the whole team was very welcoming to me as a newcomer to the industry. This film is very special because my mother is a Kannadiga and I I spent a lot of time in Bijapur, which is my home, during my youthful years,” he adds.

‘Kabzaa’ has five songs composed by ace music composer Ravi Basrur who also composed the music for ‘KGF’.

Source: IANS

Taha Shah Badussha to Make South Screen Debut With 'Kabzaa'

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He enjoys designing websites, developing mobile apps and publishing news articles from various authenticated news sources.

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]]> Hurricane protection and screen fencing in Port Charlotte, FL Sat, 04 Jun 2022 07:22:06 +0000

Hurricanes and storms abound in Port Charlotte, Florida. That doesn’t mean people should avoid the beautiful city. Hurricane protection and screen fencing make it easy to live with.

Port Charlotte, Florida – Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosures is a team dedicated to helping residents of Port Charlotte, Florida protect their premises from hurricane damage. The team does this by selling quality, durable hurricane protection and screens. There are several benefits to having both structures in place in different parts of your home.

Hurricane shutters in Port Charlotte are among the best ways to prevent the hurricane from damaging your property and compromising your safety. Shutters protect the windows in your home. As fragile as they are, flying debris can come crashing down and injure people.

Pool cages in Port Charlotte are also useful innovations that people should be keen to acquire. Pool cages keep dirt and debris out of the pool, which is usually expensive to clean. There are different pool cage designs, and they can also be an aesthetic option.

Screen fencing in Port Charlotte is another service that people should get to protect themselves from the periodic harsh climate of the region. Attaching a sunroom, patio, or porch allows you to enjoy Florida’s great weather year-round. Enclosed areas can help keep insects away and make the house look better.

About Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Fences

Harper’s Hurricane Protection and Screen Enclosures is a professional and experienced hurricane protection and screens company. For 30 years, the team has delivered quality, durable hurricane protection to the residents of Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port and surrounding areas.

Media Contact
Company Name: Harper’s Hurricane Protection & Screen Fencing
Contact person: Tonya White
E-mail: Send an email
Call: (941) 629-3490
Address:1158 Market Cir Unit 4
Town: Port Charlotte
State: Florida
Country: United States

How to Mirror Your iPhone to a Samsung Smart TV Thu, 02 Jun 2022 00:32:00 +0000

With a little setup, your iPhone screen can be mirrored to a much larger Samsung smart TV using Apple’s built-in iOS mirroring feature.

Apples iPhone has a handy built-in casting function that can be used with a Samsung smart TV to mirror the phone’s display to the big screen. It’s a great way to browse photos and review videos. While the iPhone’s display can be nice and crisp, seeing high-resolution images and video spread across a large panel really lets the detail shine through, especially on a 4K TV. Mirroring can also help with productivity and accessibility, by making small text and commands easier to see.

Samsung sells several televisions with the latest technologies and is one of the largest television manufacturers in the world. Its line of smart TVs, which were first introduced in 2007, come with internet connectivity and apps to add new features. One of the best is Samsung’s TV Plus app and service, a collection of over 70 channels that owners can stream for free. Samsung’s latest smart TVs also enable easy communication with smartphones.


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iPhone users who own a compatible Samsung Smart TV can mirror their smartphone display to the big screen using the iPhone’s built-in AirPlay capability. Enabling this feature is really quick and easy once it’s set up. The user should swipe down from the top right corner of the iPhone and tap on the Mirror control which looks like two overlapping rectangles or screens. It’s just to the left of the brightness control. A list of compatible devices will appear and you need to tap on the Samsung TV to select it. A pairing code may appear on the TV and must be entered on the iPhone to confirm it is the correct device for mirroring. Then the iPhone screen should appear on the Samsung TV. To disconnect from the TV, swipe down again to open the control center, tap the mirror control, then End mirroring.

Setup iPhone to Samsung Smart TV

Samsung Smart TVs and Apple iPhones

There is a bit of setup needed before iPhone screen can be mirrored to a Samsung Smart TV. Both devices must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. On the Samsung TV, this can be checked by opening the settings, then General, and Network. iPhone displays the current Wi-Fi network at the top of the Settings app. Samsung Smart TV must have AirPlay enabled. This option can be found in Settings under General, then AirPlay Settings.

Unfortunately, not all Samsung TVs support AirPlay. This list is quite long though and includes the Frame 2018, QLED 4K, 4K UHD and Smart Full HDTV N5300 TVs; 2019 QLED 8K and 4K TVs, as well as Frame, Serif and 4K UHD TVs; 2020 QLED 8K and 4K TVs, Frame and Serif TVs, Premiere projectors and Crystal UHD TVs; and 2021’s 27-inch and 32-inch M5 smart monitors, 32-inch M7 smart monitor, 8K and 4K QLED TVs, Frame TVs, and Crystal UHD TVs. Samsung Smart TVs continue to offer great value and advanced features and most newer models work with the iPhone for screen mirroring.

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Source: Samsung

Xiaomi TV F2 series runs Amazon Fire TV

Xiaomi’s new smart TVs replace Android TV with Fire TV

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Why Simpsons Hit & Run 2 Can Happen Without EA Mon, 30 May 2022 19:46:00 +0000

One of the most beloved games of its generation, The Simpsons: Hit and Run could soon have a sequel, without needing to be attached to Electronic Arts.

One of the most beloved games of its generation, The Simpsons: Hit and Run could get a sequel soon, without needing to be attached to Electronic Arts. One of the biggest American publishers in the game industry, EA recently tried to be bought out by companies like Disney or Amazon.. This news could shake up the industry, especially considering how many studios EA itself has purchased. Due to this possible redemption, a release date for The Simpsons: Hit and Run 2 could be on the horizon.

The Simpsons: Hit and Run is considered one of the best Grand Theft Auto-like open world games, and generally one of the best games of the PlayStation 2/GameCube/Xbox era. It’s loved by fans for its engaging gameplay, but also for its references to the series, and other humor that can be enjoyed whether they already have a love for the people of Springfield or not. The game is still a cult classic to this day and The Simpsons: Hit and Run was even voted the game’s most wanted remaster.


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If EA is acquired, The Simpsons: Hit and Run 2 could happen, with or without EA. Although EA currently owns the rights to Hit and run IP, the company has let it sleep since the game’s original release in 2003. But depending on whether EA is acquired – and which company acquires it – a Simpsons: Hit and Run 2 the release date could be closer.

The Simpsons Hit And Run 2 Release Date Could Be Getting Closer

The Simpsons Hit and Run Marge and Homer Screenshot

One company that acquired EA that makes a lot of sense is Disney. A major contributing factor is that Disney wants developers to innovate classic properties, which developer EA Respawn has already done while working on Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and its upcoming sequel Star Wars Jedi: Survivor. Additionally, Disney now owns The simpsonsso it would make sense for the company to want to get their hands on Hit and run IP and either let EA try again or outsource The Simpsons: Hit and Run 2 to other developers as is done with other projects. With Disney’s investment in other AAA games like Marvel’s Spiderman and the next IndianaJones game and Avatar: Pandora’s Frontiersit would not be surprising if it brought back Simpsons: Hit and Run.

A few other acquiring companies, like Amazon and Apple, would probably just do a Hit and Run 2 less possible. If Amazon acquires EA, the company will likely focus even more on live service games like Amazon’s MMO, New world. On the other hand, an Apple acquisition would likely bring EA closer to mobile development, a direction that would likely put The Simpsons: Hit and Run 2 out of the question.

With an acquisition of EA becoming more likely, a release date for The Simpsons: Hit and Run 2 could also become more likely. Disney, the now owners of The simpsons IP, would almost surely be thrilled with a sequel to the cult classic. On the other hand, EA acquisition candidates like Amazon and Apple could put an end to sequel speculation. Either way, it seems fans of The Simposons: Hit and Run could raise or destroy their hopes of a sequel in the months to come.

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Legendary Pokémon Scarlet and Violet may have leaked

Scarlet and Violet’s Legendary Pokémon may have leaked

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Business News | Stock and Equity Market News | Financial news Fri, 27 May 2022 08:06:05 +0000

Moneycontrol PRO

The upside comes from the stock’s fair value, measured by the average of the price targets for the meter.

Nifty 50 mid-stock offers 26% upside after steep decline in 2022

  • Exclusive :

  • Nifty 17900 and above, Sensex 435 and above – Nifty 17900

  • एक्सपायरी के दिन बाजार का मूड खराब, Sensex 600 अंक तक टूटा, जानिए वजह?

  • Policybazaar IPO REFUND: क्या आपको शेयर भी नहीं मिले पैसे भी नहीं लौटे तो ज जानिए है मामला मामला?

  • नवाब मलिक के दामाद ने देवेंद्र को भेजा 5 करोड़ रुपये का का नोटिस नोटिस

  • Kafeel Khan: योगी सरकार ने गोरखपुर के BRD कॉलेज के डॉ. More information

  • क्रिप्टो करेंसी पर आई आरबीआई गवर्नर चेतावनी चेतावनी, कहा फाइनेंशियल स्टेबिलिटी के से हैरनाक हैरनाक

  • SBI या Post office? जानिए आपको कहां निवेश करके सबसे ज्यादा ब्याज- जानें डिटेल्स

  • Nykaa iPo: फाल्गुनी नायर की दौलत में इजाफा, अरबपतियों की लिस्ट हुईं शामिल शामिल

  • Yes titles ने कमजोर q2 नतीजों के बाद इस सीमेंट स्टॉक की रेटिंग रेटिंग, जानिए वजह?

  • MSCI इंडेक्स में कल होगा का ऐलान ऐलान, जाने कौन सी होंगी शामिल और कौन बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर बाहर

  • Kangana Ranaut: जानें, पद्म पुरस्कारों के दौरान क्यों करण को ढूंढ रही थीं रनौत रनौत?

  • Laununchage e-Gca: ज्योतिरादित्य सिंधिया ने ऑनलाइन प्लेटफॉर्म e-gca किया लॉन्च, मिलेंगी dgca की 298 सर्विसेज

  • यूएस एफडीए से लगा झटका, ये फार्मा शेयर 4% टूटा, क्या है आपके पास?

  • कोरोना वायरस महामारी से फैला 80 लाख टन प्लास्टिक – रिपोर्ट रिपोर्ट

name Price Switch % changes
Sbi 470.25 1.35 0.29
Indiabulls Hsg 116.10 -0.65 -0.56
ntpc 150.80 -3.35 -2.17
Nhpc 32.60 -0.05 -0.15




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