Doctor blushes as sassy WhatsApp message appears on screen during recording of TV interview posted on his website

A DOCTOR got a red face after a sassy WhatsApp message appeared onscreen in a recording of his TV interview posted on his website.

Dr Samuel White spoke to presenter Patrick Christys after a ban on the doctor from posting Covid content online was overturned by a court.


The message appeared after the clip was uploaded to the doctor’s websiteCredit: GB NEWS

He had previously been accused of spreading misinformation about vaccines and the government’s response to Covid – and was discussing the ordeal on GB News.

The clip of the interview, with Dr. White speaking, was later uploaded to his website.

But viewers quickly noticed the embarrassing message that appeared during the on-screen recording.

The scorching message appeared in the clip as Dr White expressed his take on the government’s response to the coronavirus crisis.

He would say, “While you are resting, consider using me for your pleasure. Having me on my knees doing whatever you say … xxx.”

After Twitter users noticed the slippage and reposted the clip on social media, Dr White took his website offline.

One person said: “Dr Sam White uploaded this video to his website, but in his over-eagerness to get his ‘message’ across, he obviously didn’t watch it first.

“Unlucky Sam, unlucky.

A second added: “Maybe Dr Sam has an important message about wearing masks?”

A third joked, “I’d love to hear what Suzie Sub thinks about all of this. Apparently Dr. Sam White is a fan.”

A spokesperson for Dr White told Indy100 that the clip with the message was uploaded to its website by hackers.

Employment law experts PJH Law wrote on Twitter: “As we announced in our letter to the CEO of the NHS on December 3, 2021, Dr Sam has been the subject of a smear campaign.

“His website and mobile have been hacked and Twitter trolls have made defamatory statements. Dr Sam stands firm.”

In June, the doctor posted a video online saying ‘masks don’t do anything’ – raising concerns during his operation in Hampshire.


Dr White had claimed that the “lies” around the NHS and government response to the coronavirus were “so vast” that he could no longer “stand or tolerate them”.

He was then ordered to stop discussing Covid on social media following his concerns about the vaccine.

As a result, the General Medical Council Interim Orders Tribunal placed restrictions on Dr. White’s registration as a general practitioner.

They said his views “could have a real impact on patient safety.”

He revealed that Dr White allegedly shared information with a “large and possibly uninformed public” and did not provide an opportunity “for a holistic consideration of Covid, its implications and possible treatments”.

But the High Court said the ruling was wrong under human rights law.

The court would have to show that the GMC “would likely succeed at any subsequent court hearing in imposing the restrictions that were now requested”.

However, Judge Dove said it was clear the court had not done this and concluded that there had been “error of law and manifest error”.

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