GTA Trilogy fan reaction explained

GTA: The trilogy receives a level of reaction that is not characteristic of a Rockstar game. Here are the problems that lead some to request refunds.

After posting with issues, bugs, missing features and more, Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition is currently in the midst of a massive fan backlash, with many fans being disappointed with the package, which has remastered GTA 3, City of vice, and San Andreas. The 3D universe RGT are considered some of the best games in Rockstar’s library, but many believe the GTA Trilogy the remasters don’t do them justice. Responses to issues, graphics shortcomings, and wobbly gameplay have ranged from mildly disappointed to outraged, and many fans are upset with Rockstar for releasing the collection in its current state.


GTA: the trilogy collect three of the first Rockstar RGT titles in the franchise’s 3D timeline: GTA 3, City of vice, and San Andreas. Despite the incredible heritage of games, these are products of an older generation and have aged considerably in the years since their release, especially graphically. While previous anniversary editions and PC ports have modernized games somewhat, there have long been rumors that the games will receive full remasters, and Rockstar has officially announced. GTA: the trilogy on October 8, just over a month before the trilogy releases on November 11. Anticipation continued to grow until release day, when fans and critics immediately began reporting issues with the games.

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Much of the criticism has focused on GTA: the trilogyUnwanted changes to the original games, but there was a backlash even before its release. Following the official announcement of the remasters, Rockstar pulled original editions of games from digital retailers, prompting fan backlash. In addition to this movement which harms the chances of beginning RGT with the titles being properly preserved, it became clear that songs with expired copyrights would be removed from games in The definitive edition. However, it wasn’t just the music that was affected – some of the beloved cheat codes from the original games were also removed, with Rockstar explaining that some cheats would not be compatible with GTA: the trilogythe use of the Unreal Engine. Some fans were also skeptical that the trilogy was being developed by Grove Street Games, which previously handled the mobile ports of classic Rockstar titles.

GTA Trilogy Remasters Aren’t As Good As The Original Games

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Much of what makes the GTA Trilogy the remasters are so bad as are the visual errors and glitches, and there has been a backlash over what fans see as a lack of attention to detail. Most of the time, the remasters do a solid job of matching the look of the originals with HD graphics, but there were some glaring issues as well. Fans on the GTA: the trilogy Reddit posted videos of vehicles crossing the ground, inexplicably exploding cars, and extreme character model issues during the cutscenes. In addition to these issues, there are typos and other errors on the display boards and in-game text, an example being a City of vice van that originally read “Top fun“to be transformed into”Top bun“in the remaster. This is a relatively humorous mistake, but many issues – especially driving issues – have a severe impact on gameplay.

These aren’t the only issues fans have contested with. Many intentional remaster decisions have been widely criticized, such as the hand and finger models for GTA: the trilogy characters being changed, as well as the decision to remove the fog from San Andreas. The worst “improvement” to the trilogy, however, is the new look of the in-game rain, which is now so heavy and poorly layered on the environment that it makes driving difficult and unpleasant. These changes decrease the overall aesthetics of the GTA Trilogy. While the original games are visually dated, they were also atmospheric and had a charm that is lacking in the Definitive edition remasters.

This apparent lack of quality is not characteristic of both the RGT series and Rockstar Games more generally. The studio had to temporarily withdraw GTA: the trilogy from the Rockstar Games Launcher and many fans have asked for refunds. In any case, it will be interesting to see how this backlash over Grand Theft Auto: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition affects the hype for the next Grand Theft Auto 6, because it marks a rare critical disappointment in the Rockstar catalog.

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GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Memes Mock New Graphics

GTA Trilogy Definitive Edition Memes Mock New Graphics

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