How to Create and Scan a Spotify Code

Spotify allows users to share their favorite music using QR-like codes. It is also possible to generate high resolution codes to share on social networks.

Spotify allows users to create QR-like codes to share their favorite music, and these can then be scanned by other users to instantly open the song or playlist. A Spotify code is a unique code designed specifically for use with the Spotify app. While users have the ability to share music using links, a code has more varied uses. It can be embedded on a website, added to social media apps like Instagram and Snapchat, or used by brands in marketing and promotional materials.

To share a link to a Spotify song or playlist, tap the three-dot icon next to the song or playlist page to open the menu. Click on the Share button which will show the option to share it on various messaging and social media apps. Otherwise, click Copy link to generate a URL which can then be shared anywhere. On the Spotify desktop player, right-click on an item, click the three-dot menu button, then Share will display the option to Copy link.

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The method to get a Spotify code is different from a link. Every song, playlist, album or podcast on Spotify has a unique code. To access it, open the Spotify app and click the three-dot menu button next to any item that needs to be shared. A menu will appear with options to like, download, add to playlist, share, etc. The top of the page should show an illustration with code that looks like an audio waveform below. To save this code, take a screenshot of the page and save it to the phone gallery.

Personalize your Spotify codes

Scan Spotify Codes

Spotify also allows users to download high-resolution codes that can be shared in messaging apps and on social media. The first step is to copy the URL of the item to share by following the steps mentioned earlier. Next, open the Spotify Codes website and paste the link in the box. Click on Get Spotify code. Users now have the option to customize the code, either by changing the background color, bar color, size or image format. Once the changes have been made, click on the To download button. An image of the code will be uploaded and can now be shared in various apps.

Once a code is generated or shared, other users can scan it using their Spotify app. The option to scan a code is only available on the mobile app. All users need to do is tap the search button in Spotify and then tap the camera icon. Allow Spotify to use the camera if prompted. Press on Analysis, and point the camera at the Spotify code. Otherwise, press Choose from the photos. Choose an image containing a screenshot of the code and the item will immediately open in the Spotify application.

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