How to get early access to Rainbow Six Siege Mobile

Rainbow Six Siege is finally ported to mobile devices. Here’s how to apply for beta testing to get into the game sooner.

Rainbow Six Siege is one of the most popular first-person shooter series, and the game is finally coming to mobile. Players love the game for its focus on tactics and team cooperation, and now players can expect to enjoy Rainbow Six Siegethe high-action gameplay of on the go.

As Ubisoft works on porting the game to handheld devices, they will need beta testers to check on the progress of the game. Through beta testing, gamers willing to play Rainbow Six Siege can get their hands on a beta version of the game early and provide feedback to the development team on what needs improvement.

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Tom Clancy’s Elite Team brings Tom Clancy characters together on mobile, but now Tom Clancy fans will have the chance to play Rainbow Six Siege on their mobile device. To have a chance to play the game sooner, players will need to register as beta testers. Rainbow Six Siege Mobile Beta testing will likely continue for some time before the game officially launches, so players should have several opportunities to apply to become beta testers. Here’s how players can pre-register for beta testing and early access to the game.

How to request a beta test for Rainbow Six Siege Mobile

Rainbow Six Siege Game

Players can pre-register for Rainbow Six Siege Mobile beta test via Ubisoft website. First, players will need to go to the Rainbow Six Siege Mobile website, then select whether they have an Android or iOS device. After clicking register, they will be prompted to log in to their Ubisoft account. On this website, players will also be able to get information on a variety of Ubisoft games, such as their new game Battle Arena Project Q.

After that, players will be faced with a series of questions regarding the types of games they have played in the past. For Rainbow Six Siege MobileUbisoft is probably looking for players with FPS experience or experience with other games in the Rainbow Six Siege franchise. Thus, players who mention their experience with these games are more likely to be selected.

Once players have finished answering the questions, they must submit and wait for Ubisoft to tell them if they have been selected to be a beta tester. Rainbow Six Siege The 2022 roadmap has been released, so players can check that out to get an indication of how the series is progressing for the rest of the year. At this time, beta test registration may not be available all the time, so if it is not available, players should keep checking back to see when registration for the next round of testing will open. . The official launch of the open beta of Rainbow Six Siege Mobile has not been announced, so players should keep checking back to stay up to date with news regarding the game.

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Rainbow Six Siege Mobile will be available on Android and iOS upon release.

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