How to Play Scrabble Online for Free

Thanks to Scopely and Hasbro, Wordle and Scrabble fans can now enjoy a game of Scrabble online, playing against the computer or with friends.

A new official online license Scrabble allows players to race against the computer or play an online multiplayer game with friends, all in a web browser. New Scrabble for web game was developed by Scopely, a mobile game developer, in partnership with Hasbro. The pair have previously collaborated on several mobile games derived from classic board games, including Scrabble GO in 2020, and Yahtzee with buddies in 2015. There were several Scrabble mobile games, with Scrabble GO replacing the official license Scrabble Electronic Arts mobile app. Hasbro’s mobile games have been hugely popular to date, and with the recent phenomenon that is wordle, Scrabble online will likely follow.


wordle became an overnight sensation at the end of 2021 and continued to grow exponentially, reaching an all-time high of two million players in a single day. This is probably the output of ScrabbleThe online version of hope to hang on wordleis viral success. In its heyday, the word puzzle game was picked up by The New York Times and now it’s feared The New York Times will pay wordle and fracture its user base. wordleThe appeal of was in its simplicity but also in its accessibility, as the game could be played in any web browser and required no download or purchase. Scrabble reflects this and is accessible through a web browser. Players can choose to create an account using their email or Facebook address, but this is optional.

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Player Scrabble online, players simply navigate to and create an account or continue as a guest, although some features may be restricted to account holders only. currently offers three game modes: Find a Match, Play with a Friend, and Play Computer. The first two modes offer great potential through online multiplayer and matchmaking, giving players the ability to search for friends or other players around the world. ScrabbleThe online multiplayer mode uses ELO-based matchmaking, matching players based on skill and experience level.

Play Scrabble against the computer or online multiplayer

How to Play Scrabble Online Scrabble GO Board

Players who don’t like online multiplayer, or newbie players who just want to practice before playing against real players, can choose to play against the computer. Before entering a game against the computer, players choose from a range of difficulty levels from Easy to Grand Master, as well as an option to set a game time limit if desired. While Scrabble online has yet to receive the viral buzz that wordle done, it promises to please word game fans while giving them the opportunity to test their vocabulary skills against their friends, building on the element of competition that has also popularized wordle.

Scrabble online aims to make Scrabble easily accessible, allowing players to enjoy the game in their web browser without the need for downloads. For some, the online version of the game may be their first introduction to Scrabble and, thankfully, it’s a great, user-friendly representation of the classic board game. While many people are currently working remotely or unable to travel to see friends and family due to the COVID pandemic, this has made the comparison wordle mark such a fun thing to do with friends, Scrabble online will allow gamers to enjoy an evening of online digital board gaming together, even if they are miles apart.

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