How to search on Pinterest without logging in

If a user wants to get inspiration from Pinterest without creating an account, they’re in luck because there’s a way to do it. And it’s easy.

If a user wants to be inspired by pinterest without creating an account, they are lucky because there is a way to do it. The social platform is a great way to get inspired to redecorate a room, choose an outfit or choose the next nail color like Hannah on Pretty little Liars. Consumers can even shop on the site.

Recently, the company added Pinterest TV to the platform which allows users to shop live. It went a step further and added augmented reality (AR) functionality that allows users to try out furniture in a home before buying it. This was exciting because consumers could now see if a piece fit well in a room before splurging. Although Pinterest offers these great features to users, some people just want to browse social media platforms without signing up.


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The easiest way to explore Pinterest without logging in is to go to the web browser’s search bar on the desktop and type in or This will direct the user to a homepage with categories at the top and another section called “explore popular ideas” with various pins. There is also a more button to see more categories. Unfortunately, a pop appears prompting the user to log in while browsing. Fortunately, there is a way to get rid of it.

More ways to explore Pinterest

Explore Pinterest

Another way to browse Pinterest without logging in is with the Pinterest Guest extension on Firefox. This extension allows the user to prevent the continuous display of a login popup. To add the Pinterest Guest extension, open Firefox, then click the menu (three lines) and go to ‘Add-ons’ and Themes.’ Search for “pinterest-guest” and click on it in the search results. Then select Add to Firefox. A context menu will appear. Click Add. Another popup will appear asking the user if they want to manage add-ons. Click OK.

Users should note that this extension is not monitored by Mozilla security. When you’re ready to browse Pins, head over to the Pinterest website. This will open a homepage with suggested pins. There may be a context menu asking users to log in. To stop this, click the bottom symbol next to “Register” and toggle on “Stop connection request”. Now users can browse without any discomfort. It’s even easier on mobile because the popup doesn’t appear when looking at Pinterest on the web browser.

There are many ways to explore from here. Browse suggested pins, search for a specific topic or company, click “Today” to see what’s been posted recently, or click “Explore” which will take the user to the same page mentioned above. above. Click here on a category. For example, if the user clicked on “Animals”, they would see featured articles at the top, followed by “Activities for animal lovers”, then “Top 10 animal ideas”, “Here are those baby animals” , “Top pinterest search “Animals” and “Popular Ideas”. All categories are set up the same way with themes that match the topic. Now dive in and get all the inspiration you could possibly need.

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