How to Stop Autoplaying Videos on Twitter

Autoplay videos can be a major annoyance on Twitter, but you can easily disable them on the website and mobile apps. Here’s how.

Autoplaying videos are a huge problem on Twitter, as on many other social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram. Luckily, users can turn off video autoplay on Twitter, both on apps and on the website. It’s worth noting that Twitter automatically plays not only videos, but also GIFs on its main feed. Disabling media autoplay on the platform will prevent both from playing automatically.

Twitter is the world’s leading microblogging platform with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. Many tweets include videos or GIFs that are often funny, informative, or insightful, although autoplaying while scrolling can be annoying. Twitter at least keeps the sound on “mute” while autoplaying videos, but it can still be a royal pain. Luckily, this behavior can be disabled in a few simple steps, meaning users don’t necessarily have to support media autoplaying while scrolling.


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To disable media autoplay on the Twitter website, sign in to the Twitter account on a web browser and click Following in the left sidebar. Select now Settings and privacy in the context menu. Then click on Accessibility, display and languages then go to Data usage.’ Now click on Autoplay then finally select Never to stop all autoplaying videos on Twitter. All forms of media will no longer automatically serve to Twitter.

Disable media autoplay on Twitter app

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Twitter also allows users to turn off media autoplay on its mobile apps for iPhone and Android devices. To do this, open the Twitter app on a phone or tablet and tap the hamburger menu (three parallel lines) in the top left corner. In the slide-out menu, scroll down and select Settings and privacy.’ Go now to Data usage below General. On the next page, press Video Autoplay.’ Finally, in the small context menu, select Never.’ The preference will be saved automatically. GIFs and videos on Twitter will no longer automatically play. Instead, they will now become tap-to-play with a traditional triangle Player button on them.

Media autoplay can cause a big problem by consuming valuable data and slowing down internet connection. This is especially problematic on mobile data because most cellular plans don’t offer unlimited data. In fact, some carriers even charge additional fees if the user exceeds their allocated quota. All things considered, turning off video autoplay is probably the way to go for most people, and it’s just as well that Twitter allows users to do so. So follow the above tutorial to disable media autoplay on Twitter to reduce inconvenience and save valuable data.

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