How to watch Peacemaker online (in US, UK, and Canada)

John Cena’s murderer Peacemaker returns after James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad for his own HBO Max TV show, and here’s how to watch it online.

Here’s how to watch DC Peacemaker, with John Cena, online in the US, UK and Canada. 2021 The suicide squad was a pretty unique movie overall. It was sort of a sequel to David Ayer’s much-contested 2016 DCEU effort. Suicide Squad, but also kind of a reboot of the property, with a group of returning characters being the only real connective tissue between the two films. This kind of awkward setup could have gone very wrong, but luckily, The suicide squad was in the creative hands of writer / director James Gunn – following Disney’s decision to briefly fire Gunn from Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 after a controversy on Twitter.


Gunn emerged victorious from the whole ordeal, as he was eventually rehired by Disney and Marvel, but also stayed with DC and Warner Bros., becoming the first filmmaker to truly plant his flag in Marvel and Marvel cinematic comics. DC. simultaneously delivers universes. While its HBO Max release strategy has had questionable box office effects, The suicide squad has garnered rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, his standout character arguably Cena’s cold-blooded but often fun Peacemaker.

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In what was to be a huge vote of confidence for the WWE wrestler-turned-actor, Gunn was so impressed with Cena’s work that he quickly moved on to creating an HBO Max follow-up show focused solely on Peacemaker. Composed of eight episodes, Peacemaker premieres on January 13, 2022; here’s the scoop on how those in the US, UK, and Canada can watch it online.

How to watch Peacemaker online in the United States


As mentioned, Peacemaker will air on HBO Max in the US, which offers two monthly subscription levels. For $ 9.99, HBO Max subscribers can stream content including Peacemaker and the recent Harry potter casting meeting – with commercials. For $ 14.99 more, HBO Max content can be streamed ad-free. HBO Max no longer offers a free trial, so new customers should keep that in mind. The first three episodes of Peacemaker drop on Thursday, January 13, 2022, with new episodes released once a week thereafter.

How to watch Peacemaker online in UK

John Cena as peacemaker

Unfortunately, those who want to watch Peacemaker in the UK are currently without a legal option. James Gunn said he was receiving questions about a UK outing for Peacemaker all the time, but as of now, an exit plan for the other side of the pond has yet to be announced. Still, it is assumed that something will work out pretty soon.

How to watch Peacemaker online in Canada

John Cena as Peacekeeper on DC TV Show

Fortunately for the Canadian devotees of DC, Peacemaker will be available for those of the great white north to stream. Like many original shows from HBO and HBO Max, Peacemaker will be available to stream as part of the Crave TV service in Canada, which currently offers two subscription levels. For $ 9.99 per month, subscribers can view Crave content on their PC or mobile device, while the ability to stream content through a TV or streaming device connected to a TV pushes the price up to $ 19.99 per month. PeacemakerCrave releases will follow the same release schedule as in the US, with a three-episode debut on January 13.

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