Kodak introduces 10ft high inflatable projection screen

Kodak introduced a huge “extra-large” 10.3 feet tall and 14.5 feet wide inflatable projection screen which is designed for outdoor use. With this huge display space, it should be easy to share a photo slideshow with your neighbors – or your neighborhood.

Described as a “water-resistant monster,” the Kodak extra-large inflatable screen is said to be easy to set up, tear-resistant, featuring weighted feet and designed to serve as the centerpiece of a backyard theater. court.

While a giant 10-foot-tall Kodak inflatable projection screen may seem out of left field on its own, it ties in well with this licensee’s line of projectors, which it currently offers. eight different options.

It’s true: dismissed. It’s not actually produced by the Kodak brand that consumers are probably familiar with.

The existence of this product is a good opportunity to understand how Kodak currently exists in the current market. Even though it was one of the most successful photography brands of its time, it did not transition well to the digital age and has license-oriented in order to diversify its income.

The Kodak brand is much more segmented than most average consumers probably realize. Eastman Kodak Company, who is still based in Rochester, New York, continues to focus on films, film chemistry and some processing software while leveraging the power of the brand through licensing. The company has significantly extended the reach of its name to everything from cell phones and flashlights to inkjet printers, digital cameras, instant-print cameras and camera accessories.

So while the Kodak film boxes launched last year appear to be tied to the main company Kodak, the same-day photo printing service Kodak Moments is actually owned by Kodak Alaris, which was split as a separate company. in 2013.

In short, while the Kodak brand is still pretty strong, it is incredibly confusing and rambling when it comes to actual operations, products, and quality.

This is how a product like the Kodak inflatable screen comes into being. This particular branch of the Kodak brand offers cameras, printers, paper, projectors, scanners and various photographic equipment which all bear the Kodak name, but are currently operated by C&A Marketing who is based in New Jersey. The company is an authorized licensee of Kodak and associates the historical name of the company with all kinds of somewhat related products.

For the average consumer, it is important to recognize that the quality associated with the Kodak brand has value and that value can be bought. In that case, take a look at consumer reviews of other C&A Marketing products and check the quality of that brand before you fork out. the $ 240 for that huge inflatable screen.

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