League of Legends: Zeri Abilities Guide

Zeri, the Spark of Zaun, is the next champion to enter the League of Legends Rift, and she brings a complex yet powerful kit to carry her team.

Zeri, Riot’s 158th champion in League of Legends, will be released with Patch 12.2 on January 19. As players prepare to master or battle this champion, understanding her intricate abilities can be helpful. Like most new champions of League of Legends, Zeri will likely be very strong upon release, allowing players to capitalize on this power to climb the ranks. Also known as The Spark of Zaun, Zeri is ranked as a sharpshooter, but it’s still unclear in which lane she’ll add the most value.

Snipers in League of Legends are most often ranged characters with incredible damage potential that rely more on items than levels and abilities. Because of this, the meta for snipers has almost always been about going bot lane with a side character. A good support character will have a solid ability kit and won’t rely heavily on gold, as that’s the goal of the sniper in League of Legends to farm as much CS as possible to buy the items they need to eventually port the game. low level map.


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As a sniper, Zeri will most likely benefit from being played in the bot lane alongside a support champion who can help her in the early game and provide her with shields, which pairs well with his kit. That being said, Zeri’s abilities also make her a decent solo-laner and a strong roamer, so players shouldn’t be too surprised to find her in the mid lane, like others. League of Legends snipers like Jhin or Corki. Either way, it seems clear from Zeri’s ability kit that she’ll most likely shine during teamfights, as most of her abilities are designed to deal large amounts of damage to multiple targets.

How Zeri’s abilities work in League of Legends

Zeri League of Legends Passive

Zeri’s passive will give her the ability to shield herself for 60% of the damage she deals to enemy shields. This shield lasts for three seconds and will allow him to counter enemies who rely on absorbers either with their abilities or through popular items such as Immortal Shieldbow. Whenever Zeri gains a shield, either through this passive or another source, she also gains 10% movement speed.

Q – Burst Fire

Burst Fire sets Zeri apart from all other champions in League of Legends, as it significantly changes how autoattacks usually work. The passive part of this ability gives Zeri a bar that can be charged by moving or casting Burst Fire. When the bar is full, Zeri’s next auto attack will deal bonus damage and slow the target while consuming the entire charge. This passive causes Zeri’s autoattacks to deal magic damage and function as an ability, so he cannot crit or apply effects on impact, but will trigger items such as Luden’s Echo.

The active part of Burst Fire will fire a seven-shot burst in a straight line at medium range that deals physical damage to the first enemy hit, similar to Ezreal’s Mystic Shot. This ability is essentially a throwable version of standard basic attacks and can therefore crit and apply effects on impact, but only once per target. It can also hit towers, structures, and neighborhoods. Burst Fire’s cooldown will decrease with attack speed and convert 50% of excess attack speed over 1.5 attacks per second into attack damage. This ability fires seven projectiles, so if used to kill a low health enemy, part of the burst will likely hit whatever is behind it.

W – Laser Ultrashock

Zeri League of Legendsd W ultrashock

Ultrashock Laser is similar to League of Legends‘ Jinx’s Zap! aptitude. It fires a medium range laser in a straight line that will damage and slow the first enemy hit. If the laser hits terrain, it will expand into a long-range ability with a wider area that will damage and slow all enemies hit. This expanded area is created at the point of impact between the laser and the terrain, so the initial distance between Zeri and a wall will not affect it. Increasing Zeri’s attack speed will reduce Ultrashock Laser’s cast time, allowing players to weave it in between her other abilities more easily.

E – Spark Overvoltage

Zeri’s Spark Surge has one of her longest cooldowns and will allow her to dash a short distance while gaining a buff that causes her next three abilities to pierce targets. Puncture will deal 80% damage and can deal critical hits, but it cannot apply effects on impact. Hit an enemy League of Legends champion with an attack or ability will reduce the cooldown of Spark Surge by 1.5 seconds. Spark Surge can also be used on the ground to jump on it, similar to Bard’s Magical Journey.

R – Thunderbolt

Zeri’s ultimate is a medium-sized area of ​​effect around her that deals magic damage and grants her 6% movement speed for each enemy champion she hits. This effect is called Overcharged and will last six seconds, but hitting enemy champions with attacks or abilities will extend the duration by two seconds and provide 2% more movement speed per hit. While overloaded, Zeri will also gain 30% attack speed and magic damage on impact, and her Burst Fire attack will fire three hits instead of seven, all of which deal bonus damage to nearby enemies.

Zeri League of Legends Animation

Some good support choices for Zeri will likely include characters who can get more value out of her passive by protecting her, like Lulu, Rakan, and Lux. Lulu is a versatile medium in League of Legends who is very good at keeping others alive, and she shines during teamfights, which Zeri is likely to be most effective at. Rakan offers very mobile support and would be a good choice as he is one of the few who can keep up with the movement speed Zeri should gain. Finally, Lux is a good mage support with a very high burst that synergizes well with Zeri thanks to Prismatic Barrier, which can shield her twice with a single throw.

Regarding the item choices in League of Legends, Zeri can get a lot of value from Trinity Force, as her Burst Fire ability will be constantly used and has no mana cost. Alternatively, since her kit also offers attack speed, she can make good use of Kraken Slayer and focus on a more crit-focused build. Finally, Immortal Shieldblow is a good option when facing enemies with a lot of burst damage, as it will help Zeri survive longer in teamfights so she can deal more damage.

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League of Legends is available on PC.

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