Nintendo Switch: 10 great RPGs under 10 dollars

The Nintendo Switch has some of the best RPGs readily available to fans of the genre. Snow-capped peaks of Skyrim to the regions and gymnasiums of the Pokemon franchise, the system is full of more than a few awe-inspiring and glorious adventures for players to explore.

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While their game selection may vary by price bracket, players don’t have to spend all of their gold to find their next quest. On the contrary, there are plenty of entertaining and enchanting titles to enjoy without even going over $ 10, and some cost even less than that. They might not be priced the same as some more popular titles, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have something great to offer.


Spark of Mana ($ 9.99)

The player engaging in combat in Mana Spark

Mana spark it might not be for everyone, but it certainly goes for a player’s money of dark fantasy goodness. Think of this game as a cross between Zelda and Dark souls, using the bit-style graphics and top-down perspective of a classic dungeon robot and matching it to the dance difficulty of Souls-like combat and difficulty.

Armed with his bow and arrows, the player must venture through various procedurally generated screens and dungeons to find the final boss and restore mana to the world. A task easier said than done, but for $ 9.99 it’s a task many adventurers would happily take on.

Fairune Collection ($ 9.99)

A screenshot of the map in Fairune

Another title taken from The Legend of Zelda game book, Fairune and its suites are all readily available for the price of $ 9.99. When it comes to value, gamers wouldn’t be wrong to try this retro-inspired RPG set.

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The game has the puzzles of a classic Zelda title and 8-bit styles of an early 80s fantasy RPG like Dragon Quest or even Ultimate, which makes it a unique and distinct experience. While it can be overly simplistic at times, three games for the price of one is a tough deal to pass up.

Hammer watch ($ 9.99)

The heroes standing in front of the Hammerwatch logo

Don’t judge a book by its cover, as the saying goes, and it’s a sentiment that could easily be expressed for a game like Hammer watch. It may look simplistic, but this fantastic dungeon crawler is deceptively complex in terms of loot, monsters, and content.

With a full set of different characters, two surprisingly long quests, and dozens of twists and turns in dungeons and labyrinthine lairs to explore, there’s more than enough to keep players coming back for more. That’s a lot of raids for $ 9.99.

Sega Ages Wonder Boy: Monster Land ($ 7.99)

Wonderboy running in Monsterland

It’s a rare and glorious occasion where platform games intersect in RPG territory, but few do such a feat better than the wonder boy Sega series. The mix of genres works so perfectly with this classic port that fans of both genres will instantly eat it.

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Along with crossing different platforms to fight different monsters and bosses, the game also packs a fair amount of classic RPG elements like upgrades and character development. At $ 7.99, there’s no better time to jump into this underrated streak.

Sega Ages Phantasy Star ($ 7.99)

Phantasy Star SEGA Ages

Basically Sega’s response to games like Final fantasy and Dragon Quest, Fantasy star is an RPG from the Master System era that was definitely ahead of its time. Using both turn-based JRPG themes and first-person 3D dungeons, the game was certainly a melting pot of wonderful ideas.

Even the name itself, Fantasy star, represents the title identity in a nutshell. Players will lead a party of adventurers, cast spells and draw swords, but they will also travel to other planets, encounter spaceships and creatures from beyond the stars. And this sci-fi / fantasy JRPG can be played on the Switch for just $ 7.99

Animus: Harbinger ($ 7.99)

A player wielding a giant sword in Animus Harbinger

Don’t let the mobile origins of this game mislead. In his heart, Animus: Harbinger is a solid Souls-as for players not fully “prepared to die”. Rightly called by some “Dark souls Lite, “he wears his influence on his sleeve. But for such a low price, it’s certainly readily available for those looking to eliminate that hack-and-slash itch.

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While that might be a bit cranky compared to its obvious inspiration, it still offers the same familiar mechanics that any fans of the infamous series can identify. And at only a fraction of the cost, no Souls veteran would pass up a new challenge for $ 7.99.

Loot Hero ($ 7.99)

Heroes of Loot Gameplay with the Sorcerer

Booty hero isn’t a complicated game, but it will keep players coming back for more and more with its addicting arcade action and tons of loot and levels. Essentially Glove On a budget, the game covers the basics of RPG video games with its selection of character classes and stat-boosting gameplay.

Pick a character, loot a dungeon, defeat the monsters, collect the loot, rinse and start over. It might not sound like much on paper, but the dungeon crawling habit-building loop is something that many players around the world can enjoy and love, especially for just $ 7.99.

Dragon Quest ($ 4.99)

Dragon Quest 1 Combat showing a slime

The expression “respect the classics” is an expression which certainly comes into play here, especially given the Dragon Quest The franchise is one of the cornerstones on which the RPG genre was founded. And while the graphics can be ported from the mobile version, the overall experience has been completely improved since the days of the NES.

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That being said, it’s still a bit archaic compared to some of its modern successors, but the game is ideal for retro gamers who don’t mind throwing it a bit old-fashioned. $ 4.99 is a small price to pay for such a classic adventure, after all.

Archlion Saga ($ 4.99)

A boss monster taking the screen in Archlion

If gamers are just dipping their toes into the RPG genre, there’s no better entry for them than this light-hearted but adorable title. Archlion Saga is a game that mixes a multitude of diverse pieces and other junk from other famous RPGs to create a nice mix of fantasy and adventure.

An introductory course to the genre, seasoned gamers will no doubt choose a few references, Easter eggs, and design choices from more famous games. A quick but enjoyable outing, it’s a great way to spend some time and $ 4.99.

Serpent’s Crypt King ($ 2.99)

A skeleton wielding a sword in Crypt of the Serpent King

If gamers are looking to save a bit of cash while still having a solid RPG background, they wouldn’t be unhappy with Crypt of the Serpent King. While it lacks the depths of others seen in the genre, there’s no denying it doesn’t strip a certain crawling dungeon sweet spot with first-person hack-and-slash combat.

While the graphics are slightly better than the classic and retro RPGs that inspired its winding dungeons and fortified castles, longtime gamers will be able to grab this game and navigate its perils with the greatest of ease. It’s not a bad trade-in for $ 2.99.

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