Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV delayed by Blizzard

Activision Blizzard has officially confirmed that it has delayed Overwatch 2 and Diablo IV. Insiders suggest they will be released in 2023.

Editor’s Note: A lawsuit has been filed against Activision Blizzard by the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing, which alleges the company has engaged in abuse, discrimination and retaliation against its female employees. Activision Blizzard has denied these allegations. Full details of the Activision Blizzard trial (content warning: rape, suicide, abuse, harassment) are updated as new information becomes available.

Activision Blizard confirmed in its last investor call that the two Diablo IV and Monitoring 2 will be released later than expected. Although it has not been specifically stated when the two games will be released, it is believed that Monitoring 2 and Diablo IV will now launch in 2023, according to reputable industry insiders.

It was recently reported that Monitoring 2 would be launched in 2022, more precisely before the summer. The report noted that Blizzard had prioritized the game’s release and locked down all of its content so the team could start tweaking. Now, it looks like the plans have changed, given that Blizzard has delayed the game from its originally planned timeline and possibly moved it to a whole new year. Blizzard has been selective with the details it has publicly shared regarding Monitoring 2, so we do not know what will happen in the future.

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Activision Blizzard confirmed on a call for results (via Stephane Totilo) this Monitoring 2 and Diablo IV are both intended for a “launch later than originally planned. “ Blizzard’s Mike Ybarra has confirmed (via Jason schreier) the delays were due to changes in direction on both games like Diablo IVThe former director of left the company in August following the Activision Blizzard lawsuit. Although Activision Blizzard did not give a new deadline, an insider Tom henderson announced that both games will now launch in 2023.

It’s unclear when Blizzard will start sharing more about these games as it looks like they’ll take a long time to work on both titles. The two Monitoring 2 and Diablo IV were slated to be major releases for the company next year, but now it looks like Activision will be limited to Call of Duty and mobile versions throughout the rest of the year.

A previous rumor also suggested that Monitoring 2 is reportedly released in 2023, but it’s unclear whether that now fits the details of this report or just coincidence. Activision has also not officially stated that Diablo IV and Monitoring 2 will be released in 2023, but this is likely to be confirmed as 2022 approaches.

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Source: Stephen Totilo / Twitter, Tom Henderson / Twitter, Jason Schreier / Twitter

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