RHOBH: Why Garcelle Beauvais Isn’t Dating Right Now

RHOBH star Garcelle Beauvais reveals in a recent interview that she’s not looking for a man or looking to settle for just anyone.

Haitian-American actress, television personality and reality star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Garcelle Beauvais is currently single and not looking for a partner. Garcelle joined the real housewives franchise in season 10 and is known for her strong and bold personality. Beauvais is known to be successful in the various careers she pursues, but she failed to find love. The star’s first marriage was to producer Daniel Saunders in 1990 with whom she had her first son, Oliver Saunders. The two had married after just two months of dating. Their marriage lasted a decade and the two divorced in 2000, but details of the divorce have not been released.


Beauvais’ marriage to talent agent Michael Nilon came a year after the star divorced Saunders. In that marriage, Beauvais and Nilon welcomed twins, Jax and Jaid Nilon, in 2007. Three years later, the star found romantic messages on her husband’s phone, and out of anger, Beauvais emailed to her husband’s co-workers and told them about the case and this email was eventually leaked to the media; the co-host of The truth later revealed that she felt embarrassed by her actions once the email was made public. The couple finalized their divorce in 2011 but continue to co-parent successfully. By appearing on RHOBHBeauvais introduced viewers to her new beau, screenwriter Michael Elliot, but that relationship was short-lived.

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Beauvais has spent the last two years single, reserved and busy and in a recent interview with People, the star talks more about not being interested in settling for love. During RHOBH season 11, the star met a dating coach and leaked information about herself and her love life. Talking to the dating coach, Beauvais revealed that she finds it difficult to trust someone completely and she also finds that problems arise in her relationships due to her autonomy. But Beauvais’ conversation with People suggests that she is more interested in enjoying life as it is right now, than spending her time looking for a life partner. She says, “I don’t want to bring in just anybody as a seat filler. I really want this to be the person. I feel like we put so much pressure on women to have a man, get married, have kids. Can we just live our lives?

The actress also opened up about her divorce from Nilon and how her affair affected her. Along with feeling angry, the star felt confused and hurt upon finding out she was being cheated on, and it took the star a while to realize that her husband’s infidelity was unrelated to she. She also explained why she got divorced and decided to co-parent instead. “One of the reasons I didn’t stay married was because I didn’t want to change my mind. This is my only chance in life. And I didn’t think it would be fair for my children to live with a mother who has so much anguish.” Beauvais worked on a memoir titled love me as i am, which details the journey of his life and all that he has offered him. For Beauvais, she felt that writing the book was a form of therapy and placed her in a peaceful place that allowed her to share.

the The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills The star’s book will be available on April 12 and is currently available for pre-order. Beauvais had recently been ambivalent about returning for RHOBH season 12 but in December 2021 it was revealed that the star would definitely return to the series, according to a Bravo announcement which RHOBH returns May 11.

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