Samsung will stop shipping Galaxy smartphones with a screen protector in the future

What started when Samsung no longer bundled power supplies and headphones with Galaxy smartphones has turned into a quest to find out how far the company can go to reduce the number of freebies customers receive each purchase. According to evidence found in forums, Samsung may also be phasing out screen protectors.

Galaxy S22 comes with a screen protector in most countries except South Korea

A member of the Samsung community shared an image below of a company official stating that Samsung plans to stop supplying screen protectors with future Galaxy smartphones. The reasons for this are simple, which the Korean giant has apparently pointed out as well. Right now, the Galaxy S22 is the first Galaxy S series handset to come with an Armor aluminum frame, with Corning’s Gorilla Glass Victus+ on the front and back.

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These additions negate the need for a screen protector, but we also believe Samsung is doing this for cost-cutting measures, and it will likely tell the story to customers as a way to help the environment. Using machine learning, the text in the image was translated as follows.

“The Galaxy S22 series applied Armor Aluminum, the most durable material used in smartphones for the first time in the S series, and Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ for the first time in a smartphone. Used front and back, it was launched as the toughest Samsung smartphone series ever.

Therefore, considering the durability of the stronger smartphone, it is confirmed that from the Galaxy S22 series onwards, the liquid crystal protective film is not attached to the product.

From the S22 model, it is operated in a form that is not supplied to the service center, such as a protective or sales film.

If necessary, please understand that the agency plans to operate it through the agency in the form of separate sales.

In view of the fact that many protective film products are currently in circulation, and the amount of waste is also increasing day by day, we are closing the domestic market for the last time in order to avoid unnecessary waste of resources and strengthen the environmental protection activities. I’ve decided.”

The third-party accessory market already offers enough options for customers in case they want to add another layer of protection. Samsung is offering screen protectors to Galaxy S22 customers living outside of South Korea, but we believe they will be phased out when the Galaxy S23 series arrives next year.

News source: Samsung Community

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