Terex Launches M1700X Mobile Wash Screen

Terex Washing Systems launched its latest innovation, the M1700X Enhanced Mobile Washing Screen, at CQMS, Ireland’s trade fair for construction and quarrying machinery.

The M1700X is a redesign of the M1700 that aims to improve Terex’s M line of mobile washing racks.

The M range can produce up to five products (three aggregates and two sands) in applications such as aggregate, recycling, industrial sands and mining.

The M1700X was presented alongside the FM120 C-2G, which allows sand to be collected when the two machines are connected together.

Barry McMenamin, Business Line Manager, Terex Washing Systems, said: “The addition of the M1700X will enhance an already extensive product line offered by Terex Washing Systems, meeting both market and customer needs for mobile washing. Our team of engineers have worked closely with our customers to develop improvements to an already high-performance machine, such as the new tracked rinser which features a redesigned high-fluidizing wash box, increased standard features and washing efficiency. improved.

Heavy upgrades

The upgraded M1700X features a new integrated high-fluidization wash box to maximize platen efficiency, increase media life, and have an adjustable spray system.

In addition, it benefits from improvements over standard features including a hydraulic up and down function for faster service access, standard hydraulic tension and a one-piece capture box for easy machine reconfiguration. .

The M1700X features a heavy-duty bearing for long life, higher levels of screening efficiency and throughput, increased serviceability and service access, as well as increased lane adjustment. angle of the screen which adapts perfectly to the variation of the feed material.

The model has also been redesigned with a focus on wet processing efficiency, with a 16% increase in spray capacity on all decks, some of the best drip tray seal levels in the world. industry, innovative configurable drip tray outlets and configurable mixing to maintain material specifications.

Additionally, the M1700X is easy to transport, has a quick setup time (typically 15 minutes), and has optional hybrid power available worldwide.

Speaking at CQMS, Barry continued, “It was great to be back at a show, welcoming customers to our booth, showcasing the capabilities of our equipment and discussing our latest innovations. We have been delighted with the reception given to the M1700X and look forward to building on the links established at CQMS and discussing how our bespoke solutions can meet their specific needs.

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