The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 made me a fan of foldable screen smartphones

Just as the solid brick wall in your home is as strong as its weakest point (door and window frames, most likely), a foldable screen phone would naturally be more likely to break than a normal candybar phone. without unnecessary screen hinges, right? Logically, it makes sense.

And I was of that school of thought, until I started using the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 5G a few months ago. It made me believe in the present promise and untapped future of foldable screen phones. But only if it is well implemented, of course.


Two years ago, walking the aisles of Mobile World Congress, I saw flexible screen phone concepts that spanned the entire spectrum, from whimsical whimsy to weirdness. Prototypes like the Huawei Mate X approached, but represented nothing more than a fragile glimpse into the future with little substance. Incidentally, I spotted the Samsung Galaxy Fold – Samsung’s very first foldable screen phone – at the same event. It was a good start, but looking back it was far from a finished product.

There were plenty of reasons not to buy a foldable display phone back then, including design and usability factors, both of which were sufficiently eliminated in the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3.

Foldable design which is durable …

Wrapped in a single layer of flamboyance, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 combines the nostalgia of an old-fashioned flip phone with the promise and exuberance of a futuristic device.. The Galaxy Z Flip3’s clamshell design easily turns heads from the second you take it out of your pocket until the moment you open it. Of course, “opening it” for the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to the rest of the smartphone world. It’s definitely more exciting than hitting the routine screen lock button.

samsung galaxy z flip3

The dimensions do not matter when you hold the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 in your hand for the first time. Yes, the phone is slightly bulky when closed, but the moment you hold it open, all thoughts of its size evaporate in the distance as you gaze in wonder. From the note of its curiously placed 2-inch AMOLED rear display to the 6.7-inch 120Hz full-tilt Super AMOLED display with full tilt and unfold, you can’t help but marvel at the premium build quality of the Galaxy Z Flip3.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 is a high-quality amalgamation of plastic, metal and glass that brilliantly fuse to produce the world’s first water-resistant foldable screen smartphone with an IPX8 rating, but oddly it is not resistant. to dust. The device is sleek and premium in your hand, from the curved edges to its super-sleek display. Unlike other high-end candybar phones like the iPhone 13 Pro or the OnePlus 9 Pro, the feeling of mystique and wonder of opening and closing the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 definitely stays with you for a lot longer – I didn’t get over it in my third month of using, that’s for sure.

As far as my logical apprehension of flex-screen phones goes, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3’s hinge allays any fears I had of using a flex-screen phone for more than a few hours. I would compare the Flip3’s screen almost to a ThinkPad’s screen hinge in terms of top-notch build and build quality, as the phone never feels flimsy or delicate in your hand. You don’t feel like it creases and bends unwantedly, or worse yet, cracks inside your jeans pocket. Other than a necessary little screen depression where the hinge rotates, there’s absolutely nothing that feels out of place on the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 in terms of top build quality.

samsung galaxy z flip3

I have had to easily open and close the Galaxy Z Flip3’s screen several hundred times over the past two months, and I’m happy to report that it performs as well as day one., no complaints. The hinge doesn’t warp, it performs optimally, and what reinforces the Flip3’s sense of wonder is its graceful deployment despite its solid underlying construction. Samsung’s industrial designers have managed to combine a work of art with all the stiffness and durability you expect from a high-end flagship phone, which tells you everything you need to know about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3. He has all the essence of a tap ballerina who can pull a few punches in the boxing ring if the occasion calls for it.

Foldable design that works like a charm

Design is as good as you put it to use, form ultimately has to follow function – especially for an ambitious phone that’s more than a leap of faith, otherwise all that flashy design starts ringing really fast. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has gone to great lengths to ensure that its design is thoughtful, beyond the initial seduction of its aesthetic appeal. It’s a handy phone that’s quite capable of being your daily driver, maybe even better than all the boring candybar phones in comparison.

samsung galaxy z flip3

The Flip3 works like a normal candybar phone when fully opened, where it can hold up and even outperform the best Android flagship phones in terms of performance.. It’s in Flex mode (when you fold the phone into an L-shape) and of course in closed mode (when the back panel screen comes alive) where the Galaxy Z Flip3 really shines, outclassing any other touchscreen smartphone. modern that you might have seen so far in your life.

In Flex mode, the Flip3 intelligently “splits” certain apps on the two halves of the foldable screen. If you watch YouTube in portrait mode and fold the phone into Flex mode, the video goes to the top half of the screen, while the description and comments are pushed to the bottom half of the screen. When using the Camera app, the top of the Galaxy Z Flip3 converts to a dedicated viewfinder, as the bottom half has all the useful controls. Apart from those two observations, I also liked the way the 2 inch back panel screen acts as a quick launch widget window.

The Galaxy Z Flip3’s back panel display gives you a host of user-friendly options at a glance – from your calendar appointments to notifications, music with media control to weather-based updates. location and more – which simply gives you more to do when the phone screen is closed. Even the orientation of the volume rocker on the right edge of the Galaxy Z Flip3 flips upside down to make it more intuitive to use in closed-screen mode, which is another example of Samsung’s thoughtful design infusion into the device.

samsung galaxy z flip3

The best of the rest

Beyond its innovative design and practical use, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 obviously performs brilliantly in terms of daily workloads.. Its 120Hz display was smooth and soft to the touch – smoother than regular smartphones, possibly due to its foldable nature – which is incredible to feel. The screen is crisp, crisp, and overly colorful, which makes it very pleasing to the eye – watching a movie or reading a long article online are both handled very well by the screen. The physical fingerprint sensor button on the side and the IR-based face unlock on the front work incredibly fast on the Flip3, I have to say.

The Flip3’s rear cameras are essentially the same as the ones used in the Samsung Galaxy S21 + Ultra, and they also share the Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 SoC chip. slow motion video, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 has one of the best smartphone photos you’ll see on a high-end Android smartphone this year. Personally, I prefer the true-to-source image of the iPhone 13 Pro and the onscreen calibration combination, but the Flip3’s cameras have a way of capturing beautifully detailed images, bringing out their colors and popping out. of the screen that only a Samsung Galaxy Z-series phone can. The only negative point here is the lack of a telephoto lens, which means optical zoom is limited to just 2x. A small hiccup in otherwise excellent overall camera performance.

samsung galaxy z flip3
India time

Whether it’s watching a movie on Netflix, reading a Twitter feed, or shooting a 4K video, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 handles it all with a wink and a yawn, barely breaking a sweat. Its battery easily lasts a full day, with no issues, and it supports 15W fast charging. The only downside to an otherwise top-notch experience on the Flip3 is its slightly beveled screen depression you feel under. your finger, which is noticeable under an excessively white background. Unfortunately, material science has yet to advance for Samsung’s industrial designers to find a way to magically erase it. But until that happens, there is a lot to love about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3, both for purists and enthusiasts alike.

In a sea of ​​unmarked smartphone designs, it stands out like a gem and largely delivers on its promises. After spending over a decade testing and reviewing consumer tech devices, the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is easily one of the most innovative phones I’ve had the pleasure of using. It took a clamshell aesthetic of yesteryear and reimagined it for the future in a thoughtful and practical way. All without compromising its unprecedented display value: Every time you reveal it to the world, the Galaxy Z Flip3 captures and holds people’s attention longer than any iPhone or Pixel. A breath of fresh air, a sign of things to come beyond a horizon littered with candybar clones. It changed my mind and piqued my interest in the evolution of foldable screen smartphones, which I can’t wait to explore.

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