TikTok’s 10-minute videos could harm YouTube on the small screen

TikTok’s extension of video limits could hurt YouTube’s use on the small screen, industry experts say.

Yesterday, the social media company extended the video limit from three minutes to 10 minutes.

Natalie Giddings, CEO of influencer marketing agency Hoozu, CEO, says TikTok’s move will help it attract growth from a new user base.

“The app’s focus on very short videos has undoubtedly contributed to its huge growth and adoption by certain audiences,” Giddings said. AdNews.

“TikTok’s shift to longer videos will surely attract the growth of a whole new user base and evolve the styles of content posted on the app.”

Giddings says the extension could help it capture long-form video audiences, creeping into the YouTube space.

“Where it impacts YouTube, I believe, is in owning the small screen,” Giddings says.

“TikTok is almost all mobile traffic. While only 22% of YouTube users access the site via their mobile. Audiences will intersect easily and with new formats allowing for more ads, there’s no doubt in my mind that this threatens YouTube’s ad revenue.

Giddings notes that a significant percentage of search volume on YouTube is “how to” content.

She adds that “how-to” content, which is already popular on TikTok, could increase even more on the app with longer videos allowed.

“A few Australian creators are really successful in creating stylish content on TikTok. For example, Geneva Vanderzeil’s Mirror Plinth Part 2 video has 740,000 views,” says Giddings.

“But there’s a limit to what you can show in one to three minutes. This mirror table project, for example, is divided into one and two parts. Posting a series of videos is very common, as it is difficult to capture the process in this short format. »

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