Unable to access Windows – Windows Help and Support and Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

I cannot open / launch Windows on my laptop, a Toshiba L50D with Windows 10. I am sorry if the answer to my problem is already posted here; I’m absolutely desperate with the technical type stuff, so if the answer is here I’m just not able to realize it / identify it (and I’m typing this on a little tablet, which I’m really struggling with read anything on), so please be indulgent with me …

It may not be relevant, but a few months ago it took years to open, then I got a message: Your PC encountered a problem and needs to restart. We just collect error information, then reboot for you “and also,” if you call a support person, give them this information: Stop code: DRIVER IRQL NOT LESS OR EQUAL What failed: ndis sys “(I took a photo with the intention of posting it here, but when the computer started working I decided not to harass you anymore because I already harass you too much!).

In recent weeks, it has often taken years to open. I got the opening message from Toshiba, then the screen was dark for ages, until finally the blue Windows content appeared. A few times I (I’m ashamed to admit) lost my patience and turned off the laptop, then turned it back on, and it usually reboots without a hitch.

A few weeks ago I got a problem message again, although I’m not sure if the error code was the same as before because I didn’t think about photographing it.

Again, not sure if this is relevant, but a few days ago I tried to change the OS on an Android smartphone. I had posted a call here and someone recommended Plasma Mobile. I found a reputable site that had a step-by-step guide to installing it (can’t tell you the name I’m afraid because it’s in the history of my inaccessible laptop). As stated, I connected the phone to my laptop and downloaded an ADB or ABD from the Samsung website; Had to do command prompts etc but in the end I gave up mostly I think because I couldn’t find or access an OEM (whatever it is). Yes, I know someone as ignorant as me shouldn’t really try something too smart, but I figured follow the instructions from a reputable website and download something from the official website of Samsung was not too reckless. Although maybe it was, if that’s what “broke” my laptop.

My laptop worked fine for a few days, but yesterday it did not start. I got the Toshiba message when I turned it on, but the screen stayed dark forever, so in the end I turned it off and then back on. Eventually it seemed like it did something, but then again, after centuries, I got a message that I couldn’t open or access Windows. I can’t remember the exact sequence of events, but somehow I have something like five options on the screen, things like troubleshooting, resetting, reinstalling windows, using a command prompt. I tried pretty much everything except the command prompt (as it seemed too risky), including a system restore that happened during an option, and I even have it. left overnight doing a “fix”, which, again, couldn’t be completed.

Does anyone have any ideas, please, on what could have gone wrong and more importantly what, if anything, can I do to get into this miserable thing?

You all saved, if not my life, certainly my sanity in the past, can someone do it again now, please?

Thanks for reading,


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