Windows 11: Blue Screen of Death makes a triumphant return

Microsoft has reversed the course of its decision to change the color of its notorious error screen from blue to black in Windows 11.

The blue screen of death error screen has been an unwanted sight for users of the software giant’s operating system since its introduction in Windows 3.0 in 1990. This error screen won’t appear on your computer. PC only when it encountered a serious problem. and must restart, which is why Windows users dread seeing it so much.

While Microsoft has changed the blue screen of death over the years to include additional error information to help its users troubleshoot issues, the color of the error screen has always remained blue in Windows. 3.0 to Windows 10.

However, in July, it looked like the company would change the iconic error screen color from blue to black with the release of Windows 11. Perhaps Microsoft wanted to do this to make Windows 11 stand out from its predecessors and gives the new version of its operating system a distinctive style.

From black to blue

While Microsoft has never provided a proper explanation for its decision to change the blue screen of death to black, it now appears the company has changed its mind.

As reported through ZDNet and first spotted through Ars Technica, the software giant reverses its color change in a new preview of Windows 11 released on its beta and preview channels.

At the bottom of a blog post detailing all the improvements in Windows 11 Preview Build 22000.346, there is a bullet point that reads: We changed the screen color to blue when a device stops working or there is an error. shutdown occurs as in previous versions of Windows “.

While you will hopefully never experience this dreaded error screen yourself, at least now when you do, you will know exactly what to expect thanks to the color return to blue.

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Going through ZDNet

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