Xiaomi phones may soon have an all-screen sub-display fingerprint scanner

Xiaomi has been granted a new patent for an all-screen fingerprint sensor design. The new technology could mean that Xiaomi phones in the future could have the entire screen to detect fingerprints, eliminating the need to touch and hold in one place for precise detection.

This could dramatically increase the success rate of fingerprint unlocking, as placing your finger anywhere on the screen would be enough for the phone to unlock on its own.

How it works

Xiaomi’s patent reveals that the technology will work using a set of infrared LED transmitters and receivers that will be placed under the capacitive touchscreen layer, but above the AMOLED display panel.

Check out the patent awarded to Xiaomi (Image source: ITHome.com)

When a finger is placed on the screen, the capacitive touchscreen will detect the interaction as well as how the finger is placed. The infrared LED emitters in that particular area will then light up while the infrared light receivers will capture the fingerprint data and process it.

The surrounding infrared LEDs (which here refer to the rest of the screen) will not light up, saving your energy and your eyes. The processed fingerprint data will then be compared with your saved fingerprint data and the phone will determine whether or not to unlock the phone.

A report of GizmoChina notes that Huawei has also filed a patent for its own technology that uses the entire screen as a fingerprint scanner. This patent was filed in August 2020 in six markets, including China, Europe, the United States, Japan, Korea and India.

The technology has yet to be announced, but Xiaomi may be able to bring the technology to the commercial smartphone market.

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